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I'm Camryn

Boring formalities aside, I'm an absurdly hyperactive person who blogs about a little bit of everything. I suppose that makes me a lifestyle blogger, but I prefer to be called a hodgepod. It's a much more fun word. Say it five times fast.

Yes that is me in that lovely picture there. No I don't look like that all the time. I wish I did.

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  • The Last Jedi║No Spoilers!

    If you'd like to see spoilers (or if you've already seen it and want to discuss), then go to The Last Jedi Spoiler Page, otherwise, you can stay here and just be treated to a few ...

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    The Last Jedi║No Spoilers!
  • List Your Biggest Fears

    This is a part of Feel Good Friday, a weekly post where I fill out one of my Mental Heath Journal Prompts.  Recognizing what frightens you most is the best way to get over it. So I challenge each ...

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    List Your Biggest Fears
  • The Mental Health Tag

    I saw this tag on Jenny in Neverland and I knew that I had to do it! I'm very open about my mental health, but I've never really given a broad overview of it before. So here we are, my Mental Health ...

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    The Mental Health Tag
  • Meeting Peter Pan

    If you've been around the internet much at all, you'll know that Disney World's Peter Pan (and the actors who play him) is something of an internet sensation. I had my own run in with him, when my ...

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    Meeting Peter Pan
  • Winter Quotes

    I had so much fun making my last quotes post, that I decided to go ahead and do another one about winter quotes. There's not much of a theme other than that, some are inspirational while others are ...

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    Winter Quotes
  • Dream Winter Home Aesthetics

    Today I thought I'd put together some of my inspiration pictures of what my dream home would look like, but with a wintery flair. Winter Aesthetics are probably my favorite of all, because I love ...

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    Dream Winter Home Aesthetics
  • My Favorite, Totally Random Quotes

    Today I thought I'd put together some of my favorite quotes. Being a huge reader, I've always been a hoarder of words (cleaning out old folders recently, I found handwritten lists I'd written in ...

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    My Favorite, Totally Random Quotes
  • Lifestyle Blog Tag

    Hello! Today I'm doing a tag - because I LOVE TAGS - although I wasn't technically tagged by anyone. I also don't really feel like tagging anyone myself, but feel free to say that I tagged ...

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    Lifestyle Blog Tag
  • What a lizard taught me about mental health

    For my 19th birthday, I asked for a lizard. This was not a spur of the moment decision. Pets should never be spur of the moment decisions, and lizards most of all, because they are VERY DIFFICULT ...

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    What a lizard taught me about mental health
  • Tips for Managing Your Mental Health During the Winter Holidays

    Happy Blogmas, Day two! The holidays are by far the most stressful time of year, even for people who don't suffer from anxiety disorders. But for those of us who do, what should be a fun, relaxing ...

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    Tips for Managing Your Mental Health During the Winter Holidays

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